Mythical Adventure Themed Online Slot

Jason and the Golden Fleece is a mythical adventure themed slot adapted from Greek Mythology. Jason is a young leader who faces a remarkable adventure in order to claim his throne from a usurper. Jason is tasked to undertake a voyage in order to retrieve the Golden Fleece of a mystical ram. The Golden Fleece will enable Jason to earn his rightful throne. This will excite many online players because it will fulfill their childhood fantasy of playing a game with a concept taken out from Greek Mythology. If you have been a fan of Jason and the Argonauts, you will surely become a fan of Jason and the Golden Fleece. This is one of the online slots that will surely captivate your attention.

Today, Jason and the Golden Fleece is one of the most popular online slots because of its many twists and quests. It also features a handful of opportunities for rewards from its features such as Wilds, re-triggering Free Spins with 3x Multipliers which can be done with up to 10 trials and Scatters. It also offers 6 great bonus games with major prizes. The game features a Shield bonus where a player gets to select 6 shields for hidden rewards. The Harpy Bonus allows a player to keep on picking from 17 Harpies until they can create a match. The bonus rewards can be doubled through the 2x multiplier. The Symplegades Shipwreck allows a player to receive two bonus picks, and the Crete Wheel bonus offers a player to have five spins on a wheel of fortune like feature which they can receive 15 multiplier rewards. The latter bonus game will move the player to the Sirenum Card Bonus which is something like a Hi Lo card game where the player is tasked to guess if the next card has a higher or lower value than the preceding card.

When the player reaches the Argonaut’s destination of Colchis, he or she will need to create a strong brew from a selection of 20 magic potions that will put the dragon to sleep. The dragon is the one protecting the Golden Fleece, so when the dragon is put to sleep, the player is free to claim the Golden Fleece and the additional rewards.